April 2017

LU Prof Surprised At O'Leary Decision

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2017 14:05 PM

Kevin O'Leary's decision to pull out of the Conservative leadership race is still causing reaction.

A political science professor at Lakehead University is still scratching her head.

Laure Paquette says the move definitely took her by surprise.

She says she was preparing to watch what she calls a snoozefest with the latest debate, when she saw the news.

Paquette believes O'Leary let his supporters down at the last minute. 


Tart Shell And Pie Lid Recall Expanded

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2017 07:38 AM

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is expanding a recall relating to pie and tart shells.

Mom's Pantry is recalling tart shells and pie lids because of possible E Coli contamination, that's an expansion of a recall issued last week.

Food contaminated with E Coli may not look or smell spoiled but it can still make you sick.

Symptoms range from nausea and vomiting to seizures, strokes and even death.

LOWDPOA Holding AGM And Cottage Show

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2017 15:43 PM

It's a sure sign summer is almost here.

The Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association is hosting their annual AGM and Cottage Show Monday in Winnipeg.

Diane Schwartz-Williams the Executive Director for the group says every year the event is a big success.

"The show is probably one of our biggest one in some time, and maybe ever but I'm not sure of that. We have 92 exhibitors many of them coming in from Kenora to meet and great a lot of our summer residents and visitors."

'Beam Me Up, Scotty': Canada Post Launches Seven New Star Trek Stamps

Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2017 13:01 PM

The latest set of stamps issued by Canada Post are honouring one of the most popular science fiction TV shows in the world.

Seven Star Trek themed stamps are now available for the public, featuring each of Starfleet's finest leaders, matched with their greatest adversaries.

Five of the stamps have characters on them, James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Kathryn Janeway, and Jonathan Archer.

The remaining two stamps have a Borg Cube, and the shuttle Galileo depicted on them.

Mental Health Week Kicks Off Next Week

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2017 18:41 PM

Get Loud for Mental Health.

That's the theme of this year's Mental Health Week which runs from May 1st to the 7th.

Sara Dias Executive Director of the Canadian Mental Health Association Kenora Branch says there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health issues.

"Create an inclusive community that allows a safe place for people to be able to come out and talk about mental illness. Unfortunately it's still quite stigmatized in our community and of course around Canada, which is why these initiatives are extremely important to create awareness."

Canfield Plans To Host NOMA Conference Next Year

Posted on Sunday, April 30, 2017 10:31 AM

Dave Canfield says he still plans to be involved with the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association.

Canfield stepped down as president this week after four years at the helm.

He says he'll spend the next two years as past president and is hoping to host next nears NOMA convention.

Canfield says he wants to avoid holding the NOMA convention at the same time the provincial budget is released,
because very few provincial cabinet ministers are able to attend. 

Law Society Stops Keshen Hearing

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2017 14:14 PM

A discipline hearing involving a Kenora lawyer has been brought to a halt by the Law Society of
Upper Canada.

Doug Keshen was facing several allegations over the mishandling of resident school claims.

Earlier this week, the Law Society admitted that it was facing "serious systemic issues” when dealing with cases involving
indigenous peoples.

The Nishinabe Aski Nation says it's disappointed with the ruling and had hoped this process would result in justice for those who have endured immeasurable pain and suffering.

Lakehead Looking For A New President

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2017 14:13 PM

Lakehead University is on the hunt for a new President.

After seven and a half years at the helm, Brian Stevenson let the school know last night he's stepping down at the end of this year. 

In a letter to the school, Stevenson says the school has a plan which will require a President that is able to guide the school over the next decade, a time frame he cannot do.   

LU Board of Governors Chair David Tamblyn accepted Dr. Stevenson’s decision with regret, adding that it is an opportunity to celebrate what the president has achieved over the course of his terms.