KDSB Takes Over Keewatin Non-Profit Housing

Posted on Thursday, January 11, 2018 12:38 PM

The Kenora District Services Board is growing it's inventory of non-profit housing

The Board has agreed to take over the Keewatin Non-Profit Housing Corporation.

Henry Wall is the Chief Administrative Officer of the DSAB and says the decision makes a lot of financial sense.

"We're saving on admin costs, such as auditing and so forth.  And that can actually directly be re-invested in the units themselves. We figure anywhere between 55 to 61 thousand dollars a year.   Over 34 units, that's almost two thousand dollars a year per unit.  That substantial.  That can be re-invested".

The Keewatin Non-Profit Housing Corporation will be turning over a total of 34 subsidized units to the Kenora District Services Board.