Battle Brewing Between Garrow Park User Groups

Posted on Thursday, February 22, 2018 14:13 PM

Garrow Park is a very popular recreational destination in the city, maybe too popular.

A couple of user groups are at odds over what the tennis courts there should be used for.

Niclole Kurtz from Kenora Borealis says they stage a triathlon at that location each year and is concerned about plans by the pickleball club to install permanent courts there.

"As a user group who has actively used that area for 13 years, it was upsetting to see that a new club could have gone so far in soliciting support of the city without  anyone taking our club or event into consideration." 

Kurtz says they need the tennis courts for a staging area for cyclists and is concerned they may lose their biggest fundraiser of the year if pickleball takes over.

She suggests the pickleball courts could be moved to the Keewatin Tennis Courts instead.