KCDSB Showcasing Volunteers In The Community

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 18:36 PM

The Kenora Catholic District School Board is trying to show off the hard work volunteers do in our community.

The board partnered up with Community Support Services at Pinecrest to give the Grade 3-4 students from St Louis a chance to interview volunteers who work there.

Lynn Moffatt Director of Community Support Services says it's important to highlight the dedication volunteers put in.

"One of the things we wanted to do at Community Support Services was really high light and showcase the success of our volunteers. We also really want to encourage younger generations to find out about volunteering, and why to volunteer and why do volunteers do what they do each day."

Mariette Martineau the Religious Education Coordinator for the KCDSB was one of the main organizers of this partnership.

Martineau says it's more effective to have students learning first hand.

"We learn much better when we do, when what we are doing actually has impact. They aren't writing stories because we've asked them to write stories. They are writing stories because they know it has importance, that it's going to hit a Facebook page, it's going to hit a media outlet or a bulletin board."

The students will be using the information they got from the volunteers to make scripts for both Facebook and posters that can be used to promote volunteers in the community.

The KCDSB is hoping to expand this project to other schools within the board.