Nault Responds To U.S. Travel Ban

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 14:43 PM

The chair of Canada's Foreign Affairs Committee is stopping short of condemning the U.S. travel ban against residents of seven muslim nations.

Kenora M.P. Bob Nault says each sovereign nation has their own right to make their decisions, but admits it's not
a direction the Trudeau government is interested in taking.

"It's the opposite that Canada is going in, as far as being an open and inclusive society.  We'll continue to maintain the course as far as Canadians are concerned and make  sure we have in place the necessary tools so that Muslim Canadians can travel to and from the United States.

Nault says Justin Trudeau is due to meet with Donald Trump in the next week or so, and suggests the travel ban will
be one of the items of discussion.