New Sioux Lookout High School To Open After March Break

Posted on Friday, January 11, 2019 09:16 AM

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board now believes it has a firm move-in date for staff and students at Sioux North High School.

The Sioux Lookout project has been plagued with numerous delays but officials now plan to take occupancy just after the March break.

Director of Education Sean Monteith says anchor tenants including Firefly Family Services and Confederation College now have occupancy.

Monteith notes the pace and how they transition into the new building is up to them and their approach.

He admits it's been a frustrating journey but stresses all parties want to ensure the project is done right.

"We can rush things and get in because we said we were going to be in on such-and-such date, or we can make the decision to take the extra couple of months, make sure that the capital work is done, make sure the quality work is exemplary, and give those assurances to our students and staff, because they deserve the very best."

He singles out Facilities Project Supervisor Steven Parker, stating he has been absolutely instrumental and an unsung hero to make sure the project continues on at a pace that is expected and is appropriate.

A grand opening for the new $30-million school is being planned for the spring of 2019.

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