Policing Symposium Draws A Good Turnout

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2017 18:06 PM

It was a great turnout for the Police and Justice Services Symposium held in Kenora.

The event had around 15 organizations come together to show people employment opportunities.

OPP Staff Sergeant Jacqueline Entwistle says the event has expanded over the last couple years.

"Last year we found we focused a little heavily on the policing side, so to balance that out we invited a lot more of our justice partners. A great opportunity for us as police and justice community sector to get the word out about what our careers do."

Entwistle adds there is a growing need to fill these jobs.

"All of our organizations right now are going through that generational retirement. The OPP is actively recruiting. We've got an event where we are specifically trying to focus in on qualified good candidates from the northwest region that want to stay in the northwest region."

Some of the organizations present were Treaty Three, The OPP, and the MNR.