Not A Lot Of Movement On Softwood Lumber Front

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 18:56 PM

Not a lot of early optimism on the softwood lumber front.

In a speech to the Empire Club in Toronto, Canada's Ambassador to the U.S. David McNaughton warned reaching a deal may take some time.

McNaughton stated he's hopeful but stresses it won't be easy and it will be a tough one.

He was hoping to have a deal signed while President Obama was still in office, but thinks U.S. producers, who need to sign off on any agreement, are feeling they'll get a better deal under Trump.

McNaughton says trade is one of the main focuses for Canada in its discussions with the United States.

McNaughton notes there have been frequent conversations with the Donald Trump Administration, which he describes as being positive.

He says we can expect changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

McNaughton says a reworked deal should still include Mexico, but foremost, what's best for Canada.