Sunset Country Spotlight: WEEK 3

It's time to vote an artist into the next round of competition! The winner of this round will earn a spot in our Top 3 and will also perform LIVE at the Brewers Stage at Anicinaabe Park, July 28th! The Sunset Country Spotlight is made possible by these sponsors: Lake of the Woods Brewing Company and Sunset Country Travel Association. Voting ends Friday (July 20th) @ MIDNIGHT! 



Here are our challengers:


I am a hobby singer songwriter. 

I got my first guitar when I was about 12 years old. My dad, who wasn't really involved with music but had played in his teen years, taught me how to play a few chords. After a year or so, I ended up breaking my guitar and it was never fixed or replaced. In 2008 I had my first son and for my first official Fathers day, my wife, my brother, and my dad, all put money in to get me a new fender acoustic guitar. Since then I played a bit here and there slowly learning by watching YouTube videos. In early 2017 a very close friend of mine passed away and the family asked me to play some songs at his funeral. Once I played in front of a crowd, even being a sad occasion, I realized how much I enjoyed performing and I decided to take music more serious. Now I am writing my own songs and planning to record them. My goal for music is to have something people can relate to in everyday life. 




Picture coming soon!

Jamie has many projects on the go, he is the lead Guitarist for a local Fort Frances band who enjoys engaging on solo projects. He hopes to gain your attention with his music! 



Now, tell us who should advance!  Make your choice below, and submit!